The Royal Manticoran Astrophysics Investigation Agency, or RMAIA, was a Manticoran government agency. Its mandate was to investigate possible additional termini of the Manticore Wormhole Junction.

History Edit

It was created by the High Ridge government in part as a boondoggle from elements of the Royal Manticoran Astro-Control Service.

Admiral Michel Reynaud was the commanding officer when the Lynx Terminus was discovered 1920 PD with assistance from a team at Valasakis University. The government also assigned a political agent, Dame Melina Makris, to the Agency to supervise its budget (which included a considerable amount of diverted funds to politically useful projects the government approved). She was aboard the survey ship HMS Harvest Joy when it first passed through the Manticore Wormhole Junction via the Lynx Terminus. During the voyage, she managed to annoy and offend all aboard sufficiently that she was confined to quarters by the captain. (HH10)

Known personnel Edit

References Edit

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