The Royal Council, commonly refered to as the cabinet, was a collective body responsable for managing government affairs in the Star Kingdom of Manticore, as well as advising the Crown on matters of the state. While the monarch of Manticore formally presided over the Cabinet, its day-to-day management and direction was vested upon the Prime Minister.

Organisation Edit

As per the Manticoran Constitution, the Council was composed of both parliamentary-appointed and hereditary members. Those members which required the support of Parliament to be a part of the cabinet included the Prime Minister and his subordinate ministers, while the hereditary members included the monarch, the Heir to the Throne and the Lord Keeper of the Seal.

Each minister of the Cabinet presided over a department of the Star Kingdom's government at the pleasure of the monarch and the Prime Minister. With the exception of the Prime Minister, who had to be a member of the House of Lords, the ministers of the cabinet could come from either House of Parliament or not be members of Parliament at all. However, if the Prime Minister lost his or her working majority in the Lords, the Cabinet was also removed from office completely. (UHH)

Departments Edit

Among the officials that formed the Manticoran Cabinet were the following:

References Edit

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