Ronald Allen was the name used by a Mesan deep-cover agent bred for the sole purpose of infiltrating the slave community.

He was genetically marked with the number D-17d-2547-2/5, which originally belonged to Timothy Zeiger, an actual slave whom Mesa believed to have died in the 1880s PD.[1] Once in the field, he got a job with Havlicek Pharmaceutics and started to work in an extraction camp on the planet Torch. After they discovered the double code number in their records, Judson Van Hale and Harper S. Ferry confronted him in his camp. He tried to fend them off and escape, but Van Hale's treecat, Genghis, quickly overwhelmed him. He then committed suicide with a fast-working poison in a hollow tooth. (CS2)

References Edit

  1. He actually escaped the destruction of his ship in the last minute.

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