Rexford Jurgens
Male military
Full Name
Rexford Jurgens
Male   Male

Rexford Jurgens was a Manticoran citizen and an officer of the Royal Manticoran Navy.

Physical appearance Edit

Jurgens was a blocklike, chunky man with sandy hair, light brown eyes and a permanently belligerent expression on his face. (HH4)

Biography Edit

By 1905 PD, Jurgens had reached the rank of Rear Admiral of the Green and was picked as a member of Captain Lord Pavel Young's court martial. A member of the Conservative Association, he vigorously opposed Young's conviction on any count, arguing that the entire body of the charges was based on an illegal interpretation of the Articles of War. (HH4)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Rear Admiral (prior to 1905 PD)

References Edit

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