The Republic of Haven Marine Corps, temporarily known as the People’s Marines (PM), was the "amphibious" military force of the Republic of Haven.


In 1903 PD, the Marines on the PNS Saladin, which was renamed the MNS Thunder of God, could not stop the Masadan mutiny. (HH2) Conscription was used for recruitment during the Legislaturist's rule. (HH3)


The primary duty of the People's Marines was damage control, not off-ship combat. Therefore, the contingent per warship was smaller than in a comparable Royal Manticoran Navy vessel. (HH3)

StateSec regulations did not forbid to use People's Marines as marine complements for SS Naval Forces. People's Marines were present on StateSec ships in the rare instances when suppressing a widespread rebellion was required. There were at least seven other precedents when People's Marines had been stationed on StateSec capital ships, including two on People's Commissioner Eloise Pritchart's orders, and one on Special Investigator Victor Cachat's order in 1915 PD in the La Martine Sector. (HHA4.5: F)

Uniforms Edit

Officers Edit

The People's Marine Corps officer's dress uniform consisted of the brown jacket with green trim and black bands at the cuff, worn over a green undertunic. The collar insignia was identical to that of the navy. Shoulderboards were not worn, but the crossed rifles of the Corps and a duplicate of the collar insignia were worn on the strap. The trousers were standard navy grey with green striping. Cuffs were loosely fit over high topped black boots. An optional black gunbelt with silver buckle could be worn over the jacket.

The cap was the same high peaked style as worn by the Navy, with the symbol of the People's Republic on the front flash. The body of the cap was brown with green trim, matching the tunic. (JIR2)

Enlisted Edit

The People's Marine Corps enlisted undress uniform was a brown, one-piece coverall similar in styling to that of the Navy. Cargo carriage was covered by pockets on the chest and waist with cargo pockets suitable for carrying a tactical computer on the thighs. A pistol belt may be worn as required - dark brown with an unadorned buckle. The coveralls seal up the front, and the collar was unadorned on enlisted personnel.

Rating insignia were worn on both arms in green trimmed black. Just below the insignia was a crossed rifles patch. A nametag was worn on the upper edge of the left pocket. The left edge of the nametag had a series of pips for service awards - a silver pip was awarded for five Havenite years (almost six T-years) of service, a gold pip was awarded for every ten years of service.

The brown cap was worn with uniform and bore the crossed rifles of the Marines to the left of the center seam. (JIR2)

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