The Rembrandt Trade Union, or RTU, was a kind of multi-system joint stock company and a political organization of four star nations acting in the Talbott Cluster. It was established by Bernardus Van Dort with the aim of giving the Cluster enough economic strength to prevent complete subjugation under the Office of Frontier Security. (SI1)

Members and organization Edit

There were four member systems as well as shareholders and partners (partner captains). The Governments' membership helped the RTU to gain several political benefits described below. RTU member systems were probably the most developed ones in the Talbott Cluster[1]. Member systems were Prairie, Redoubt, Rembrandt and San Miguel.

RTU organized its own customs service acting beside governments' customs services in the member systems' territiories. (SI2)

Persons apparently in charge Edit

Political impact Edit

The Trade Union was able to extort the most advantageous tariffs, tax advantages and import duty terms from poor neighbouring systems, demolish trade barriers and gain a certain favored-planet status. Its harsh methods caused a significant amount of ill-will among some of the Cluster's poorer worlds, as illustrated by Stephen Westman and the Montana Independence Movement.

In the early 1920s PD, the RTU, headed by Bernardus Van Dort, orchestrated the willing annexation of many of the Cluster's systems into what would become the Star Empire of Manticore.

After the unification of the Talbott Cluster star nations into the Star Empire of Manticore's Talbott Quadrant, the RTU probably changed into a Manticoran business entity. Even before the unification it obtained a contract from the Star Kingdom for delivering the Crown's mail (as the only transport company acting in the whole Cluster). (SI1)

References Edit

  1. at least Rembrandt was richer than Monica.
  2. influencial politician, Alquezar family controlled 20% of the Union's voting shares outright (SI1)
  3. of the Board probably, influencial politician, Van Dort family controlled 42% of the Union's voting shares outright (SI1)