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Reginald Houseman
Male civilian
Full Name
The Hon. Reginald Houseman
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The Honorable Reginald Houseman, Ph.D., was a Manticoran citizen, politician, and renowned economist.

Family Edit

Houseman had a sister named Jacqueline, who was also into politics. (HH10) He was the nephew of Jasper Houseman and a first cousin of Frazier and Arthur Houseman, both of whom served in the Royal Manticoran Navy. (HH3, SI2)

Biography Edit

Houseman was considered a brilliant economist; he graduated from Mannheim University's College of Economics, and was a member of the Liberal Party.

In 1903 PD, he was a part of Admiral of the Green Raoul Courvosier's diplomatic team on Grayson, and was to take over if anything happened to the Admiral. He was not a fan of the military, particularly the Royal Navy, holding the opinion that naval officers were not particularly educated and tended to flaunt his education, especially in military history.

He wanted to bring both Masada and Grayson into an alliance against the People's Republic of Haven, believing that the animosities between Manticore and Haven were because they could not get a common interest between the two nations. He believed that the same thing would in fact bring together Masada and Grayson.

Prior to an economic meeting with Grayson delegates, Houseman was warned by Admiral Courvosier not to speak his ideas about the military and his proposal about Masada. He went ahead and informed Chancellor Prestwick about his idea of making Masada a trading partner of Grayson. The idea was met with snickering, and Admiral Courvosier openely humiliated Houseman, who did not take it well and grew extremely upset, especially when no one seemed willing to understand his plan. Admiral Courvosier tried to explain to him why the plan would not work, but Houseman ignored him.

During the first shots of the First Battle of Yeltsin's Star, he wanted Admiral Courvosier to evacuate the diplomatic team to HMS Madrigal and leave Grayson, but was refused.

After the Admiral's death, Houseman became the acting head of the delegation. When Captain Honor Harrington returned from the Casca System, he ordered her to evacuate all Manticoran citizens from Grayson immediately. Harrington ignored him, informing him that only Ambassador Langtry had that authority. Houseman threatened to tell the Foreign Office about Langtry, argued with Captain Harrington and threatened to take away her commission. Harrington replied by slapping him in the face and lecturing him that the Queen's honor was at stake. He promptly complained to the government, and Captain Harrington was reprimanded. (HH2, HH3)

He has met Commodore Vincent Capra, and Capra supported Harrington's actions. (HH3)

Because of his actions on Grayson, his diplomatic career came to a halt. Klaus Hauptman was contemptuous of him, but still used him to help get a motion through the House of Lords to recall Honor Harrington to active duty. (HH6)

He was among those who attacked the Cromarty government after Operation Icarus. (HH8)

After the death of Prime Minister Allen Summervale in 1915 PD, Houseman became Second Lord of the Admiralty under the High Ridge government, implementing many cut-backs on the Naval budget. He was removed along with the rest of High Ridge's cabinet after the Prime Minister had resigned from his office. (HH10)

After having resigned in disgrace and retired into academia, he was investigated for corruption charges along with the rest of the High Ridge government, but unlike countless others, he was found not guilty of any outright violations of the law. (SI2)

He later became a guest lecturer at Mannheim University. (Companion)

Character Edit

Houseman was an arrogant and self-righteous man. He believed all uniformed service personnel to be stupid. (HH10)

In the face of danger, he also revealed himself to be a coward. (HH2)

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