DR41 Razzia Class
Name: Razzia class
Type: Assault shuttle
Affiliation: Sign HavenArmedForces People's Republic of Haven
Date Introduced: early 18th Century PD
Mass: 462 tons
Length: 63.1 m
Beam: Wingspan (full extension): 43 m
Wingspan (folded): 19.3 m
Crew: 6-8 with a capacity of 250
Power: RF/1 Phenix 2 Microfusion Reactor
Small Craft Impeller Drive
ER-9 Reaction Thruster System
2 Dauphine VT-13 Turbofans
Electronics: AG-93(a) Gravitic Detection Array
AR-94 Phased Radar Array
BB-15 ECM Jammer
Armament: 2 TL27 25mm Pulse Cannon
6 Tl19 10mm Tribarrel Pulsers
(2 each in 3 turrets)[1]

The Dauphine-Roch DR. 41 Razzia class was a type of assault shuttle that was used by the military of the Republic of Haven, with incremental upgrades, for nearly two hundred years.

Class Design Edit

The Razzia-class assault shuttles had three hardpoints under each wing (for six total) to carry external ordnance pods.

The power converters, though a little bulkier and a lot more massive, had a higher output on a weight-for-weight basis compared to Manticoran Assault Shuttles. (HH8)

Razzia Class diagram

Front, top, and port view

Class HistoryEdit

Two assault shuttles, initially dubbed "Bug Out One" and "Bug Out Two", were used by Honor Harrington and her company during their breakout from PNS Tepes. (HH7)

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