Raoul Alexander-Harrington
Raoul infant 2
Full Name
Raoul Alexander-Harrington
Male   Male
Birth date
1921 PD
  ●   Mother(s): 
  ●   Father(s): 
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  ●   Grandmother(s): 
  ●   Grandfather(s): 

Raoul Alfred Alistair Alexander-Harrington, Lord Harrington, was a Manticoran and Grayson citizen, the first-born son of Honor, Hamish and Emily Alexander-Harrington.

Biography Edit

Raoul, the biological child of Honor and Hamish Alexander-Harrington, was born in one of the full-scale operating rooms of the Briarwood Reproduction Center in Landing on the planet Manticore in early 1921 PD. He had been tubed due to his mother's military duties.

Lady Honor immediately declared him her legitimate son and heir in front of her parents, spouses, armsmen, and close friends, among which were Michelle Henke, Alice Truman, Alistair McKeon, and Queen Elizabeth III of Manticore.[1]

Moments later, Andrew LaFollet was sworn in as Raoul's personal armsman.[2]

Some time later, Raoul was baptized in King Michael's Cathedral in both the faith of the Manticoran Second Reformation Roman Catholic Church and the Grayson Church of Humanity Unchained. His godparents were Queen Elizabeth III, Prince Consort Justin, Katherine Mayhew, and Alistair McKeon. (HH11)

References Edit

  1. He was named after Raoul Courvosier, Alfred Harrington and Alistair McKeon.
  2. Spencer Hawke replaced him as Steadholder Harrington's personal armsman.

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