Rajampet Rajani
Male civilian
Full Name
Rajampet Kaushal Rajani
Male   Male
Birth date
1798 PD
Death date
1922 PD
Death place
Chief of Naval Operations

Rajampet Kaushal Rajani was a Solarian citizen and an officer of the Solarian League Navy.

Biography Edit

In the early 1920s PD, he held the rank of Fleet Admiral and was the Chief of Naval Operations, and thus the overall uniformed commander of both Battle Fleet and Frontier Fleet.

Officially he was Minister of Defense Taketomo Kunimichi's deputy, but Kunimichi's real command authority was sharply circumscribed and Admiral Rajampet was the de facto Defense Minister. In addition, he was a quasi-member of the so-called Quintet of senior bureaucrats who controlled League policy, at least regarding military matters. His lack of full-fledged membership among that group was a source of constant irritation to him.

He held his last space-going command before 1871 PD. (SI2)

He was a corrupt man, taking bribes from the Mesan Alignment to help them orchestrate the conflict between the League and the Star Empire of Manticore. In addition, his personality was characterized by belligerence and a fierce resentment of Manticore (for its wealth and disinclination to kowtow to the League's whims). However, shortly after he had received his pay of 3.6 billion credits, a phone call at his home triggered Mesan mind control nanites to force him into killing himself with his own pulser. (HH13)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Fleet Admiral

Posts Edit

  • Chief of Naval Operations, Solarian League Navy

References Edit

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