Raid on Fordyce
Battlesign RMN vs RHN PN
ConflictSecond Haven-Manticore War
Date1921 PD
PlaceFordyce System
ResultAlliance victory

Royal Manticoran Navy
task force of 8 FLT

Republic of Haven Navy
Fordyce System Defence


Rear Adm. McKeon

Cdre Carmouche

  • 2 SD(P)
  • 4 CLAC
  • 10 CC
  • 3+ DD
  • CA
  • LAC

The Raid on Fordyce was a military action between a task force of the Royal Manticoran Navy's Eighth Fleet led by Rear Admiral Alistair McKeon aboard HMS Intransigent and Heavy Cruiser Squadron 117 of the Republic of Haven Navy, when the Fordyce System was selected for a deep raid by the RMN as part of Operation Cutworm II.

Order of battle Edit

RHN Edit

Fordyce System Defence – CO Commodore Desiree Carmouche:

RMN Edit

Task force of the Eighth Fleet – CO Rear Admiral Alistair McKeon:

Course of encounterEdit

With the arrival of RMN forces in system in superior numbers, Commodore Desiree Carmouche, CO of Heavy Cruiser Squadron 117 and the senior Havenite officer in system, ordered the withdrawal of the seven heavy cruisers of her understrength squadron from the system and the standing down of its system defense LACs. While her heavy cruisers retreated, her LACs were to return to base, evacuate their personnel planetside, and scuttle using their fusion plants. In addition, she ordered the evacuation of all civilian and military platforms in the system, including the fleet yard and repair station. All civilian starships were to evade the Manticoran units if possible or surrender if evasion was impossible.

The RMN advanced in-system, deploying its cruisers as a screen while launching only its Katana-class LACs in a missile defense role. Admiral McKeon ordered the two SD(P)s under his command, HMS Intransigent and HMS Elizabeth, to destroy every significant platform in the system. (HH11)


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