Rachel Speer
Female military Haven
Full Name
Rachel Speer
Female   Female

Rachel Speer was a Havenite citizen and an officer of the State Security Ground Forces.

Biography Edit

When Admiral Esther McQueen staged her coup against Chairman Rob S. Pierre in 1914 PD, General Speer was in command of all StateSec ground forces in the Republic's capital of Nouveau Paris.

After the defection of several of his highest-ranking officers to the rebels, StateSec Chief Oscar Saint-Just ordered Speer to execute "Bank Shot", a nuclear bomb secretly installed in the lowest sub-levels of the Octagon, which McQueen used as her headquarters.

General Speer wanted to begin the evacuation of the area surrounding the Octagon, but Saint-Just found the risk of McQueen realizing what happened too great. Thus, Speer made preparations for Bank Shot and then called him back. He ordered her to proceed, so she pushed a button in her own command room. The detonation of the bomb evaporated the Octagon and the surrounding area, killing Admiral McQueen and her fellow rebels along with 1.3 million citizens of Nouveau Paris.

Speer confirmed the detonation to Saint-Just, calling him "Citizen Chairman", thus recognizing him as the new leader of the People's Republic of Haven. (HHA3.2: N)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • General (before 1914 PD)

Posts Edit

  • 1914 PD – Commanding Officer, StateSec Ground Forces, Nouveau Paris

References Edit

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