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Rachel Mayhew
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Rachel Mayhew, Miss Mayhew, was a Grayson citizen and the oldest daughter of Protector Benjamin IX.

Physical characteristicsEdit

She had her mother's fair coloring and blue eyes.[1] (HH11)

Biography Edit

Rachel was born on Grayson in late 1902 PD[2] as the first child of Protector Benjamin IX and his senior wife Katherine.

In 1912 PD, she was adopted by Hipper, one of the Sphinxian treecats who had migrated to Grayson, while her family visited Harrington House. She was the first Grayson child and the second Grayson overall to be adopted. (HH8)

She took Hipper with her to the Protector's Palace and later learned to sign in order to be able to communicate with him directly, as did most of her family. After her sixteenth birthday, she made plans to join the Grayson Space Navy, as her role model, Abigail Hearns, had done before her. Her father was not very comfortable with the idea, but Hipper supported it. (HH9)

In 1920 PD, she entered the Royal Manticoran Naval Academy on Saganami Island. (HH11)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Cadet

Posts Edit

  • Royal Manticoran Naval Academy

References Edit

  1. In Echoes of Honor, she had brown eyes.
  2. She must have been born in very late 1902 PD, since she was eleven in 1911 PD and turned sixteen in 1918 PD.