Rachel Covilla was a Manticoran citizen and an officer of the Manticoran Office of Naval Intelligence.

Holding the rank of an ONI Captain, she was a long-time deep cover agent stationed on the planet Haven, where she got involved with fellow Manticoran spy John Mullins. He was unaware that she was an ONI agent, believing her to be merely acting with the anti-PRH underground, and had to leave her behind when his mission was over.

Some time later, in 1913 PD, she was on a mission of extracting Havenite Admiral Mládek on Prague and was unwillingly assisted by Charles Gonzalvez and Mullins, his partner. Once the mission was over and they were back in the Manticoran Alliance, she and Mullins renewed their relationship. (HHA4.4: LGTP)

References Edit

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