RHNS Hecate was a Trojan-class destroyer of the Republic of Haven Navy.

History Edit

In 1919 PD, the Hecate was commanded by Lieutenant Commander Dumais. The ship was assigned to Second Fleet's third task group in the Silesian Confederacy. She and another Trojan-class destroyer, Hector, were the fleet's communication link to Ambassador Jackson in the Horus System. Using as conspicuous ships as the two destroyers had become inevitable because the planners had simply forgotten to organize a better dispatch vessel assigned to this duty.

When Hecate did a routine run to Second Fleet she and her companion were observed by the armed merchantman Pirates' Bane, arousing the suspicion of Captain Thomas Bachfisch who then shadowed her through hyperspace. This in turn made Dumais suspicious of the merchie and he came to the conclusion that it had to be a Andermani, Silesian or Manticoran ship. He decided to capture the ship. When Hecate intercepted the Pirates' Bane Bachfisch declined to let Hecate's boarding party enter his ship. When Hecate fired a warnig shot Pirates' Bane jettisoned the platings over her weapons bays.

Hecate then opened fire but had no chance to survive the first broadside of heavy cruiser-level grasers the Bane had mounted. The Havenite ship was wrecked and only forty-three of its crew survived, with two more dying later aboard the Bane. Commander Jinchu Gruber, Bachfisch's executive officer, let Lieutenant Ferguson download all the remaining data in Hercate's computers and then reported the incident to Admiral Honor Harrington at Sidemore.

When Hecate was over two days overdue Admiral Lester Tourville decided to move Second Fleet to the alternate rendezvous. (HH10)

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