"Quintet" was the unofficial name given to a group of five senior bureaucratic officials of the Solarian League who, due to the power of the bureaucracies they served and the limited powers of the representative and political bodies, were the League's real policymakers.

Around 1920 PD, the members of the Quintet and their offices were:

Chief of Naval OperationsFleet Admiral Rajampet Rajani was unofficial sixth member of the group, though other five did not consider him so, which he resented.

The Solarian League Navy was only included when direct military force was required.

In many respects the Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs usually served as the group's de facto coordinator. (SI2)

They were known as the Mandarins, a word from the Chinese Language that referenced the bureaucracy of the Chinese Empires on Earth. It was Audrey O'Hanrahan, who marked them so. ("HH13")

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