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Quentin Saint-James was a Manticoran citizen and an officer of the Royal Manticoran Navy.

Together with Ellen D'Orville and Edward Saganami, he was considered among the greatest heroes of the RMN.

Biography Edit

In 1719 PD, Saint-James held the rank of Ensign and served aboard the heavy cruiser HMS Black Rose, assigned to a Manticoran military intervention in the Hume System of the Silesian Confederacy. Saint-James was given command of a flight of three assault shuttles supporting a Marine landing party on the planet Jeremiah.

As the assault shuttles dropped off the Marines and lifted to provide fire support, they came under fire from the Hume Liberation Front, while simultaneously, concealed heavy weapons opened fire on the Marines. Two shuttles were destroyed immediately. Saint-James' shuttle was severely damaged, his flight engineer killed, and he and his copilot both wounded. Rather than withdraw, he attacked the source of the enemy fire. Hit twice more, his shuttle crash-landed outside the Marine perimeter, but not until he had inflicted massive damage on the enemy. Critically injured in the crash, he dragged his unconscious copilot away from the wreckage and defended him with only his sidearm until the Marines fought their way to his position.

As a result of his wounds, Saint-James lost his left arm and left leg below the knee; he became the fifth and youngest recipient of the Parliamentary Medal of Valor.

In the following decades, he continued to serve and rose through the ranks, eventually being promoted to flag rank.

When a radical government of San Martin took control of the Trevor's Star Terminus of the Manticore Wormhole Junction in 1752 PD, Vice Admiral Saint-James was dispatched to take it back. He managed to divert the entire San Martin Navy to hold the terminus, leaving the home planet fatally exposed. Saint-James forced the planet and the system government to surrender after the "San Martin War" claimed less then eighty casualties. In the name of Queen Caitrin, he negotiated the return to the terms and conditions of the Junction Treaty of 1590 PD, the return of all seized private property, and restitution for damages done to the owners. In return, Manticore established a major reduction in transit fees for San Martin–flagged merchantmen using any terminus of the Manticore Junction for twenty-five T-years. (Companion)

Holding the rank of Admiral, he once held the Last View speech at the Royal Manticoran Naval Academy on Saganami Island. (SI1)

Quentin Saint-James continued to serve in the RMN until 1764 PD, his final duty assignment being as Commandant of the Academy. He died only five years later. (Companion)

Legacy Edit

Quentin Saint-James was remembered as one of the Navy's greatest heroes. Several warships were named in his honor. (SI2)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Ensign
  • Vice Admiral (before 1752 PD)
  • Admiral

Posts Edit

  • Assault Shuttle Commander, HMS Black Rose
  • Commanding Officer, San Martin intervention squadron
  • Commandant, Royal Manticoran Naval Academy

Decorations Edit

References Edit

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