The Queen's Bench was a court of law in the Star Kingdom of Manticore. Its head was the Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench. (HH1)

In 1905 PD, the Queen's Bench authorized the presence of Honor Harrington's armsmen onboard the ships of the Royal Manticoran Navy despite the RMN's prohibition of embarking armed foreign nationals, by ruling that while Captain Harrington was required to respect the Navy's regulations as a Queen's officer, Steadholder Harrington was a visiting foreign dignitary whose bodyguards were entitled to diplomatic immunity while on Manticoran property, and that both legal personae coincidentally resided within Honor Harrington. (HH4)

This ruling was expanded in 1908 PD with a further decision by the Queen's Bench (at Protector Benjamin IX's insistance) to fully recognize Steadholder Harrington as a different legal persona with full diplomatic immunity as a foreign head of government. (HH6)

The Bench was based in Burke Tower. (Companion)

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