The Quadrant Guard was a local defense force for the Talbott Quadrant of the Star Empire of Manticore. (HH14)

Legal basis Edit

The Quadrant Guard was organized under the Quadrant's constitution, after the Grantville government agreed to a locally raised and maintained military force brought up during the Constitutional Convention. It was also to be used as the basis for an expansion of planetary combat troops.

Finance Edit

The Quadrant maintained the Guard out of local tax revenues.

Local components Edit

Star nations unified into the Talbott Quadrant originally maintained separate space forces.

Ground branch Edit

The first duty of ground troops was overseeing of Solarian POWs camp located on a tropical island on Flax. (HH14)

Equipment Edit

A modern LAC was defined as a primary local defense platform[3]. Initially deployed LACs belonged to the Royal Manticoran Navy, but as of 1922 PD started local LAC training programme.

It was planned to produce ground troops equpiment within Talbott Quadrant.

References Edit

  1. Comparable with the Monican Navy, cruiser level platforms possible.
  2. Commanded by officers just in rank of Commodore. (SI2)
  3. Accessible prewar platforms, including warships captured during battle of Spindle, were farly less capable and significantly more personnel absorptive.

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