Psych adjustment was a psychological process where a additional set of compulsions which forced a change of behavior in the the individual in question. A person able to perform this treatment was called an adjuster.

Involuntary psych adjustment of anyone for any reason was strictly illegal in the Star Kingdom of Manticore, but many other star nations allowed for the involuntary adjustment of individuals deemed dangerous to themselves or society, as a punitive sentence.

Though the Deneb Accords forbade adjustment of captured enemy personnel, it continued to happen. The development of drugs and techniques to resist it was a priority of every major military for centuries, and, for the most part, they succeeded in producing workable defenses. However, they were not perfect, and they could usually be broken by sensory deprivation or systematic abuse. They also required periodic updating as adjustment techniques were improved to defeat them, but they managed to prevent adjusters from mass-brainwashing troops.

Jean-Marc Krogman was a registered adjuster in the Solarian League. (HHA2.2: WPD)

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