The Protectorate Security Detachment or PSD was a security force from Grayson. They were assigned to protect the Protector and his family at every hour.

Palace Security Edit

Palace Security was a unit in the PSD. They were given the same training as the Grayson Army's special forces teams, which included training in wilderness[1], urban environments and rough terrain. (HH8)

Commander Edit

In 1903 PD, the commander of the PSD was Howard Clinkscales. The Brotherhood of Maccabeus used fake Palace Security uniforms to try and assassinate the Protector. (HH2)

Known personnel Edit

  • Howard Clinkscales - Commanding Officer
  • Captain Fox - Commander of Palace Security, KIA during the assassination attempt on Benjamin IX in 1903 PD.

References Edit

  1. which did not include swimming lessons

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