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The Protector's Champion was a high-ranking Grayson official, the most recent recipient of the Star of Grayson, who served as the symbolic guardian of the Protector, carrying the Grayson Sword of State.


The Protector's Champion held the power of High, Middle, and Low Justice. Any Steadholder accused of wrong-doing had the right to trial by combat rather than being judged by the Protector. Victory against the Protector’s Champion was the equivalent of an innocent verdict and dismissal of all charges. (HH5, HH9)

When the Protector's Own was created, Protector Benjamin IX established the Protector's Champion as the permanent commanding officer of that unit. (HH9)

History Edit

From 1905 PD onwards, Lady Honor Harrington was the Champion. In this position, she duelled – and killed – William Fitzclarence, Steadholder Burdette, when he stood accused of treason. (HH5)

Known Champions Edit

References Edit

  1. The only other known recipient of the Star of Grayson was Isaiah Mackenzie, Steadholder Mackenzie. As he served as captain-general of Protector Benjamin the Great's army, he was very likely also Protector's Champion.

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