The Protector's Palace was the official residence of the Protector of Grayson, located in Austin City.

Palace Security, a unit of the Protectorate Security Detachment, was responsible for guarding the building and the Protector's family. (HH2)

History Edit

The Palace was built as a replacement for the Old Palace in the 1850s PD. (HH8)

In 1903 PD, the Brotherhood of Maccabeus used fake Palace Security uniforms to try and assassinate the Protector and his family during a dinner at the Palace. The attempt was foiled by Captain Honor Harrington of the Royal Manticoran Navy and her treecat Nimitz. (HH2)

In 1912 PD, Hipper became the first treecat to permanently live in the Palace after he bonded with Rachel Mayhew the Protector's eldest daughter. (HH8)

Honor Mayhew once suffered a broken arm due to a fall from the tallest tree on the Palace grounds, an event that appalled the conservative elements of Grayson society. (HH9)

By 1920 PD, the Palace had been covered with a crystoplast dome. (HH12)

References Edit

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