The Protector's Council was the official executive of the Protectorate of Grayson, led by the Chancellor.

Organization Edit

The council was composed solely of Steadholders, who were refered to as councilmen in this role.[1] The leader of the Council was the Chancellor, and the various department ministers were answerable to it.

The members of the Protector's Council had to be approved by the Conclave of Steadholders. (HH2)

History Edit

In 988 PD, the First Elders destroyed the cryo tubes and other modern technological equipment from their colony ship.

For many years, the council was de facto in control of Grayson, until the Mayhew Restoration in the early 20th Century PD once again made the Protectorship the most powerful part of the government.

In 1903 PD, Protector Benjamin IX believed he had the Council in line regarding the Manticorans, especially as the Council had fears that Captain Honor Harrington might abandon Grayson. (HH2)

Known councilmembersEdit

References Edit

  1. There are some hints that the council was once called "Council of Elders", and its member were refered to as "Elders".
  2. The First Elder was legaly a Steadholder and member of the council, they avoided most secular affiars.

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