The Prism Space Navy was the navy of the secessionist Council for an Independent Prism operating in the Saginaw Sector of the Silesian Confederacy.

Composition Edit

The PSN was composed of at least thirteen warships, aquired from a variety of sources:

The Silesian-origin ships received system upgrades as well as improved missile seekers and EW capability, provided by the People's Republic of Haven. (HHA3.1: MMH)

Operations Edit

The Council for an Independent Prism controlled the half of the Prism System, so PSN should defend it. However, outside the Prism System, its light warships preyed on merchant ships (PNS Javelin), while its cruisers were planned to fight SCN units (PNS Annika).

Known Personnel Edit

  • Commodore Anders Dunecki – Commanding Officer, PSN Annika, Chief Naval Officer
  • Captain Henryk Dunecki – Commanding Officer, PSN Astrid
  • Captain Traynor – Commanding Officer, PSN Margit
  • Commander John Presley – Commanding Officer, PSN Lydia
  • Commander Basil Amami – Executive Officer, PSN Annika
  • Commander Obrad Bajkusa - Commanding Officer, PSN Javelin
  • Lieutenant Commander Acedo – Tactical Officer, PSN Annika
  • Lieutenant Quinn – PSN Annika

Known Ships Edit

References Edit

  1. obtained with help from some prominent Andermani families involved in business operations in the Saginaw Sector

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