Potsdam, formerly known as Kuan Yin, was the capital planet of the Andermani Empire, located in the New Berlin System.

History Edit

Kuan Yin was originally settled by pre-hyperdrive colonists of Chinese origin who named it after their goddess of mercy. The name proved to be bitterly ironic as the colony was soon endangered by indigenous bacteria that devoured every form of life that had Terran chlorophyll. Entire crops were lost and the colony was facing extinction.

During the 16th Century PD, the interstellar mercenary Gustav Anderman took over the planet, saved the colony and established the Anderman Empire. The natives embraced their Emperor's German culture and even renamed their planet.

Prior to 1903 PD, Michael Mayhew graduated from Anderman University. (HH2)

Notable institutions Edit

Potsdam[1] was home to Anderman University. (HH2)

Alpha Station, the Imperial Andermani Navy's primary naval base, orbited the planet. (HH6)

Food Edit

One of the accidental consequences of the microbiologists' "redesign" of Terrestrial crops was a new type of grape that only grew on Potsdam, producing a unique dark wine. (HH6)

References Edit

  1. On Earth, Potsdam was a city located near the German (formerly Prussian) capital of Berlin. In 1660 CE it was chosen by Frederick William I as his hunting residence, and would later form the core of the Kingdom of Prussia. Potsdam saw most of its royal residences and palaces built during the reign of Frederick the Great (1740–1786 CE).

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