The Plaza Falls Hotel in Nouveau Paris was a prestigious hotel and a showcase for the People's Republic of Haven since the 1730s PD.

It was a huge ceramacrete tower with two hundred and twenty floors.

In 1791 PD, a secret meeting between the leaders of the Legislaturalists and the handful of most powerful Dolist managers took place at the hotel, during which the transformation of the Republic into the People's Republic of Haven was planned. (Companion)

The Legislaturalists were careful to preserve it intact when they created the People's Republic. It had served to house important visitors like diplomats, reporters, businessmen, and heads of state in a luxurious way. When the Committee of Public Safety came to power in 1905 PD, it allowed and encouraged the people, who viewed it as a symbol of the old regime, to vandalize and loot the building. Several individual rooms, and one complete floor, were burned out, but by and large, the Plaza Falls survived. The empty frame moldered away, ignored by the government's public works projects.

The privatization incentives following the Theisman Coup attracted several investors who were interested in salvaging the building and restoring it to its former glory. Despite many troubles, the Plaza Falls once again became a growing enterprise with stable cash flow. Honor Harrington and her diplomatic delegation were put in the hotel during their peace talks with President Pritchart. A conference room was used for informal talks. (HH12)

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