Perimeter Security was a common title for the naval command responsible for the detection, analysis and response to unidentified hyper footprints.

Equipment Edit

Perimeter Security was typically equipped with large passive sensor arrays capable of detecting hyper footprints at long range.

Marsh System Edit

In 1919 PD, Perimeter Security in the Marsh System detected the unidentified hyper footprint that marked the arrival of the Protector's Own and informed the commander of Sidemore Station, Admiral Harrington.

Sachsen System Edit

Later that same year, Perimeter Security for the Imperial Andermani Navy base in the Sachsen System detected the arrival of the HMS Troubadour, identified the vessel and informed the station commander, Großadmiral Chien-lu Anderman, Herzog von Rabenstrange of the arrival of Admiral Harrington. (HH10)

Manticore System Edit

In late 1921 PD, the Perimeter Security Command of the Royal Manticoran Navy detected two unidentified hyper footprints and, despite the fact that it appeared to be a ghost footprint, dispatched destroyers to investigate. The footprint was actually the arrival of the Mesan Alignment Navy Shark-class ships for Operation Oyster Bay. (SI2)

References Edit

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