The People's Navy in Exile was an organization of former members the Havenite Office of State Security operating units of the State Security Naval Forces. Its warships used the prefix PNES.

History Edit

The People's Navy in Exile unified StateSec refugees, especially SSNF crews, acting as pirates in the Verge region with Manpower's and Mesa's (actually the covert Mesan Alignment's) support. Officially, their stated goal was to one day return to Haven and overthrow the Pritchart administration, and return both the Committee of Public Safety and State Security to their former glories, although in reality they had almost no chance of accomplishing that goal. Basically an association of SSNF skippers and personnel who refused to recognize the new Havenite government, the People's Navy in Exile had little in the way of resources and was in need of a base, logistics, and financial support.[1]

See also: Liberation Force in Exile, People's First Liberation Squadron

The realistic goal of the PNE was to fight against light forces of the Republic of Haven Navy. But before their planned return to Havenite space, the PNE was obliged to pay for Mesa's support by executing a rogue naval operation. In order to remove the newly-founded Kingdom of Torch, regain control of the Torch System and the use of the Congo Wormhole Bridge, the Mesan Alignment employed the PNE to carry out Operation Ferret, an attack on the planet Torch. Using the Mesan Space Navy as a cover, a kinetic bombardment was supposed to sterilize the planet in violation of the Eridani Edict. The PNE's personnel was unaware of the identity of their ultimate sponsor, believing it to be Manpower. After the planned victory, Operation Wooden Horse would have eliminated the witnessess.

However, the Maya Sector authorities learned of some suspicious activities by the PNE and deduced the probable location of the intended action. They sent naval forces to discourage, deter, and if necessary defeat, the expected attack. Though the SLN Maya Sector Detachment suffered significant losses, all of the PNE's battlecruisers were destroyed during the Second Battle of Congo (October 1921 PD). The remaining rogue forces surrendered without carrying out the intended kinetic bombardment.

The survivors were then interned on a remote island on Torch, with very little chance of escape due to the hostile marine life in the surrounding ocean.[2] They were kept isolated, because of their knowledge of Mayan tactics, ships, and weapons. (CS2)

Mesan Support Edit

  • Some logistic support for the ex-SSNF pirate units. (SI1)
  • Gift of 31 Solarian-origin warships (10 BC, 5 CL, 16 DD) for the established People's Navy in Exile[3].
  • At least one maintenance overhaul of the PNE warships.
  • Assistance with recruitment action for the PNE ranks.
  • Support with c.a. 5000 Cataphract-A dual drive shipkiller missiles[4].

During maintenance procedures the Mesans planted secret autodestruct charges on all the PNE warships[5]. They were to be detonated upon success of the destruction of Torch. There were to be no inconvenient witnesses, and no retaliation by all starnations concerning the Eridani Edict. (CS2)

Personnel Edit

With four battlecruisers, eight heavy cruisers and three light cruisers there should be 19,000 of original SSNF personnel. 31 more warships were handed over by Mesa, making it necessary for the PNE to recruit and train an additional 31,000 crew.

The person in charge of personnel recruitment on Mesa was Cybille DuChamps. She hired both StateSec refugees and criminals with some technical skills[6]. Shortages required that non-StateSec mercenaries obtained commanding officer position on nine destroyers. It also proved necessary to promote some non-commissioned officers to commissioned officers posts.

As in the People's Navy and the SSNF, officers of the PNE referred to each other with a "Citizen" apppended to their rank.

Chain of Command Edit

  • Commodore Adrian Luff – PNE Commanding Officer of the battlecruiser element[7]
  • Commodore Santander Konidis – PNE second in command, Commanding Officer of the heavy cruiser squadron at least
  • third in command and further – SSNF Captains in charge of screening elements or being ships' commanders

Staff Edit

Commodore Luff's staff Edit

Captain Olivier Vergnier – flag captain (PNES Leon Trotsky, CO)

Captain Gowan Maddock – official Mesan Space Navy liaison to Commodore Luff ("technical advisor"), covert Mesan Alignment Navy officer in fact

Commodore Konidis' staff Edit

Captain Irénée Egert – flag captain (PNES Chao Kung Ming, CO)

Commander Jessica Milliken – MSN liaison with Commodore Konidis, same covert status as Captain Maddock

Order of battle Edit

(W) for Warlord C-class units, other - Indefatigable class units

References Edit

  1. An example of the PNE's financial problems were the difficulties of PNES Jacinthe, which had taken severe damage as a result of several unsuccessful pirate operations.
  2. One of the ocean's indigenous species was described as a "cross between a manta ray and a lobster", and were known to eat anything except rocks.
  3. Far exceeding the number of original Havenite units (4 BC, 8 CA, 3 CL).
  4. An equivalent of 12 broadside salvos of 14 battlecruisers (over 400 missiles).
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