The Pelzer System was a star system that was home to an independent star nation, directly on the border of Andermani space.

Based on false information from Audubon Ballroom sympathizers, an Imperial Andermani Navy cruiser squadron raided the system in the second half of the 19th Century PD. There was little doubt that the Pelzer government made business with Mesa, but the Manpower slave trading depot the Andermani had expected to find was not there.

The incursion did, however, destabilize the system's government long enough for a "spontaneous" coup by citizens sympathetic to the suppression of the genetic slave trade to remove it from power. Most of that government's leading members were tried and convicted for crimes ranging from treason to malfeasance, bribery, embezzlement, and slave trade; three of them were shot, two others were stripped of their citizenship and deported, and most others went to prison for a long time.

The new government was widely considered to be a much better one. (HHA5.3: LD)

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