Lady Paula Gwinner, Baroness Gwinner of Stallman, was a Manticoran peer of the realm.

In the year 1883 PD, she was a member of the cabal that planned and executed the assassination of King Roger III. When she was unmasked as a conspirator and Havenite agent a short time later, Queen Elizabeth III was unable to strip her of her titles and thus named her Daniel Chou's assistant on Medusa, telling her that her vote in the House of Lords would be handled by proxy by Lord Jacob Wundt for the remainder of her life.[1] (HHA2.3: QG)

References Edit

  1. Elizabeth says that Gwinner would be Chou's assistant "on Basilisk". Undoubtedly, she meant Medusa, as Basilisk was the name of the star system, not the planet.

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