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Patrick Henry Van Hale was an escaped Mesan genetic slave and a Manticoran citizen.

He was bred as a pleasure slave by Manpower Incorporated, but the ship he travelled on was intercepted by a Royal Manticoran Navy warship. Van Hale became a Manticoran citizen and went to live on the planet Sphinx, where he met Lydia, a niece of the captain of the ship that had freed him. They both worked for the Sphinx Forestry Service, got married, and had at least six children, the eldest of which was Judson Van Hale.

Patrick suffered greatly from the trauma of the Mesan sex training he had received from an early age, and it took his wife a long time to help him recover from it. He was nineteen, young enough to be administered the Prolong Treatment, when he arrived in the Star Kingdom. (CS2)

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