Parmley Station

Parmley Station in 1921 PD

Parmley Station was a space amusement park orbiting the planet Ameta in the Hainuwele System.

History Edit

Modeled after ancient Earth amusement parks like Disneyland and Coney Island, it was originally built by Michael Parmley, but had little financial success, and his descendants ended up stranded there in poverty for several generations.[1] The only entertainment seeking visitors were a few gas miners. The empty station was partially seized by freelance slavers for transshipment purposes. The slavers also established some kind of truce with the Butre Clan, the remaining descendants of Parmley led by Elfride Margarete Butre, Parmley's wife.

In 1921 PD, the Beowulfan Biological Survey Corps seized the station by force and turned it into a secret fortress for their anti-slavery effort.[2] In return for Elfride Butre's covert mission to Mesa, all members of the Butre clan still young enough received Prolong Treatment. (CS2)

Beowulf's associated crew Edit

References Edit

  1. Four probably, as Elfride Butre had seen the death of her non-prolong grandchildren.
  2. A kind of trap station, an immobile counterpart to a Q-ship.

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