PNS Veracity was a battleship of the (People's) Republic of Haven Navy.

History Edit

In 1914 PD, PNS Veracity served as Rear Admiral Genevieve Chin's flagship for the battleship task force assigned to the La Martine Sector, as part of Squadron Beta. By that time, the ship had an earned excellent record, with its Marine unit having a particulary exemplary combat record.

Just after McQueen's coupe attempt on PNS Veracity was murdered People's Commissioner Robert Jamka, assigned to overlook Rear Admiral Chin. It was revealed than Jamka was a sadist, who killed at least one member of the crew, Missile Tech Third Class Caroline Quedilla. While Jamka was killed by a plot organized among Veracity's crew, in later investigation Jamka's associates were accused of his murder.[1] (HHA4.5: F)

Known Crewmembers Edit

Naval Enlisted Edit

Marine Officers Edit

Marine Enlisted Edit

State Security supervision Edit

  • People's Commissioner Robert Jamka
  • Captain (SS) Sharon Justice – StateSec third in command officer within the task force as well[2]

References Edit

  1. Jamka's behavior caused the launch of the investigation within StateSec in the La Martin Sector, planned to be executed by Special Investigator Victor Cachat. Jamka's death complicated that investigation.
  2. While Justice did not serve in the State Security Naval Forces, it seems her Captain (SS) rank was a naval one, senior to Commander (SS)

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