Name: Warlord class - refit of PNS Tepes
Type: battlecruiser
Affiliation: Sign HavenArmedForces People's Republic of Haven
Date Introduced: early 20th Century PD[1]
Crew: 2500, including 600 Marines
Armament: broadside:
24M, 6L, 16CM, 12PD
6M, 2G, 6CM, 6PD

PNS Tepes was a Warlord-class battlecruiser in service with Haven's State Security Naval Forces. Entirely manned by StateSec crew and permanently assigned to the Office of Public Information, the ship was destroyed in November 1911 PD in the Cerberus System by escaping Manticoran and Grayson prisoners of war. (HH7, OBS)

Technical Specifications Edit

The yard which built Tepes had altered her basic design to better fit her role in the State Security Naval Forces. As an effect, the ship had three less grasers and one less missile tube in each broadside than originally specified for the Warlord-class. Spared tonnage was used for:

  • additional life support for a double-sized Marine contingent - 600 State Security Ground Forces troops.
  • two additional large boat bays.
  • an expanded brig.

Small-crafts Edit

The alterations enchanced small-craft capacity and allowed Tepes to carry almost thirty of them, including:

  • 3 heavy-lift assault shuttles in each of two additional bays[2],
  • at least 2 pinnaces - one pinnacle was stationed at additional boat bay.

(HH8, HH9)

Complement Edit

  • naval personnel - 1900
  • SSGF Marines - 600
  • Ransom's staff

Known Crewmembers Edit

SSNF Officers Edit

SSGF Officers Edit

SSNF Enlisted Edit

  • Wade - medical crew

Marine Complement Enlisted Edit

Military POWs' Detail Enlisted Edit

Brig Detail Enlisted Edit

Nine guards in the three watch sections[5], including:

References Edit

  1. First time mentioned in 1911 PD. (HH7)
  2. 6 assault shuttles with 250 troops capacity each makes 1500 troops capacity, which was far to much for 600 troops Marine complement. Assault shuttle didn't have to transport full Ground Forces company howerer. There were support duties possible also.
  3. According to the Nefarious Honorverse Ships List there were 15 Marine officers on Warlord-class ship - Tepes should have 30 StateSec Ground Forces officers.
  4. CO of POW's escort on Enki, killed by Nimitz
  5. 3 + 3 + 2 + 1 disabled

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