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PNS Rienzi was a Mars-B-class heavy cruiser of the People's Navy.

History Edit

As part of the Expansion Navy, the ship[1] was sent to Solarian League space in the early days of the First Havenite-Manticoran War in 1905 PD. There, in the Air System she destroyed the Manticoran destroyer HMS L'Imperieuse in a surprise attack, trying to kill all survivors afterwards. Hakon Nessler, Earl of Greatgap, together with his volunteers on HMS Ajax, scared her Dolist crew, which caused a mutiny on board. As a result, Rienzi was scuttled, all her officers murdered, and the enlisted crew killed in the explosion. (HHA1.2: AGT)

Service Record Edit

Naval Officers Edit

References Edit

  1. PNS Rienzi was described in Jayne's as a Mars B-class vessel with eleven missile broadside salvo, equipped with five cutters and three pinnaces (built 1905 PD or later). However, the Rienzi in A Grand Tour fired 15-missile salvos and was equipped with six smalle crafts and two great cargo lighters.
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