PNS Kerebin
Sultan class
Class Sultan
Type Battlecruiser
Affiliation People's Republic of Haven
In Service 1910 PD

PNS Kerebin was a Sultan-class battlecruiser of the People's Navy.


In 1908 PD, the Kerebin was one of eight battlecruisers assigned to Admiral Javier Giscard's Task Force 29, and as such she was deployed to the Silesian Confederacy to participate in a commerce raiding campaign against Manticoran merchant vessels.

In 1910 PD, the Kerebin and her sister ship, the Achmed, as well as several other Havenite warships, intercepted and engaged a Manticoran four-ship merchant convoy in the Selker Rift. The Kerebin was immediately engaged in combat by the convoy's single escort vessel, the destroyer HMS Hawkwing, which inflicted some damage before the battlecruiser ultimately destroyed her.

Shortly after destroying Hawkwing and dispatching pinnace to recover any Manticoran survivors, the Kerebin moved to intercept an incoming vessel which was flying with an Andermani transponder signal, but which actually turned to be the Manticoran Q-Ship, the HMAMC Wayfarer. Before the Kerebin could react, the Wayfarer launched a missile pod salvo which destroyed the battlecruiser, killing every member of her crew still onboard. (HH6)

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