Charles Wade Pope Class

An example of a Charles Wade Pope-class ship.

PNS Jonathan Talbott was a Charles Wade Pope-class light cruiser in service with the People's Navy.

History Edit

The Jonathan Talbott had the distinction of being the only ship in the Havenite Navy to have visited every planet that belonged to the Republic of Haven in its time. This feat took fourteen years and eight commanding officers. The first mission of the Jonathan Talbott was to show the flag in the border region with the Solarian League and engage in anti-piracy patrols for about a decade. The vessel was sent in to be a part of mop-up groups with newly conquered planets.

During the onset of the First Havenite-Manticoran War, the Jonathan Talbott was pressed into the role of high speed courier along with the rest of the class. Some of the systems that the Jonathan Talbott has visited were Seaford Nine, Treadway, Solway, and Clairmont. Every system that the Jonathan Talbott visited, a memento from the system was placed on the "flag wall". (JIR2)

References Edit

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