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PNS Hector Van Dragen was a superdreadnought of the State Security Naval Forces.

History Edit

Commanded by Captain (SSNF) Jillian Gallanti, Hector Van Dragen was one of the ships assigned to monitor the People's Navy vessels in the La Martine Sector picket.

Seven of its officers and twenty-three crewmembers were arrested in the first week of Special Investigator for the Director Victor Cachat's investigation. Six officers were shot almost immeditely by Cachat during his investigation. After Captain Gallanti was killed, when she didn't obey Cachat's orders, the ship was succesfully subordinated to the navy. (HHA4.5: F)

Technical specifications Edit

  • Tonnage: 7,000,000 tons

Known crewmembers Edit

SSNF Officers Edit

  • Captain Jillian Gallanti – Commanding Officer (†)
  • Commander Wright – acting Commanding Officer, brevet promotion within the PN / RHN on Captain grade
  • Commander Kit Carson – Executive Officer
  • Commander Edouard Ballon – Tactical Officer (†)
  • Commander Tarack – acting Tactical Officer
  • Lieutenant Commander Saunders – Chief Engineering Officer

SSNF Enlisted Edit

Marine complement Edit

The original SSGF complement was mixed with People's Marines by Special Investigator Cachat's order.

References Edit

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