HMS Falchion
Sword class 01
Class Sword
Type Heavy cruiser
Affiliation People's Navy
In Service 1910 PD

PNS Falchion was a Sword-class heavy cruiser of the People's Navy.


In 1910 PD, the Falchion was under the command of Captain Jerome Waters and assigned to Task Force 29, a detachment of Havenite naval ships dispatched under the command of Admiral Javier Giscard to engage in commerce warfare against Manticoran shipping in the Silesian Confederacy.

Together with another Sword-class vessel, Falchion engaged a Manticoran merchant vessel in the Tyler's Star System and commanded her to surrender upon threat of destruction. However, the Manticoran ship turned to be the armed merchant cruiser HMAMC Scheherazade, which proceeded to open fire against Falchion and her consort when both of them were at a close distance.

While her sister ship survived long enough to surrender to the Manticorans, Falchion ultimately blew up when one of Scheherazade's grasers destroyed one of her fusion reactors. (HH6)

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