For the similarly named destroyer, see PNS Durandal.

PNS Durandel was a Sword-class heavy cruiser in service with the People's Navy.


In 1910 PD, the Durandel was one of the ships assigned to Task Force 29, a detachment of Havenite naval ships dispatched under the command of Admiral Javier Giscard to engage in commerce warfare against Manticoran shipping in the Silesian Confederacy.

Durandel was one of the ships which participated in an attack on a Manticoran convoy in the Selker Rift, and was ordered by Captain Marie Stellingetti of the battlecruiser PNS Kerebin to search and rescue the survivors of the Manticoran destroyer HMS Hawkwing. About eighty survivors from Hawkwing were rescued by Durandel and her pinnaces.

Due to her SAR efforts and the effects of hyperspace in long range communications and detection, Durandel was not available to assist the battlecruiser PNS Achmed during her showdown with the Manticoran armed merchant cruiser HMAMC Wayfarer. (HH6)

In 1913 PD, the Durandel was later assigned to the Danak Sector, and participated in the Battle of Cerberus as part of General Major of StateSec Seth Chernock's attempt to retake the prison planet from a suspected prisoner revolt. Durandel surrendered to superior forces and was used by the Elysian Space Navy to transport prisoners to Alliance space. (HH8)

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