PNS Anhur was a Mars-class heavy cruiser of the People's Navy.

History Edit

After Admiral Thomas Theisman's successful coup and the fall of the Committee of Public Safety, Anhur[1] and her crew became part of the People's First Liberation Squadron, a resistance movement against the new Pritchart administration.

Anhur and another destroyer of the PFLS commandeered the freighter Emerald Dawn and took it to the Nuncio System, where Anhur was heavily damaged and taken a prize by HMS Hexapuma in what became known as the Battle of Nuncio.

Thirty-one percent of the shipboard weapons were destroyed, the maximum possible acceleration reduced by more than half. She lost forty-seven percent of her sidewalls, all of her after alpha and beta nodes, and her Warshawski sails. Half her power generation was gone, her aft fire control and sensor arrays gutted, and almost two-thirds of her tactical computers thrown into uncontrolled shutdown.

The Manticorans killed over thirty-five percent of her ship's company outright and wounded another nineteen percent.[2] (SI1)

Known crewmembers Edit

Naval Officers Edit

References Edit

  1. The ship was likely mamed for the ancient Eygptian god of foreign war.
  2. They wore no skinsuits. Moreover the outer spaces were not evacuated of atmosphere for combat, but were wide open and fully pressurized.
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