Name: Ouragan class
Type: Pinnace
Affiliation: Sign HavenArmedForces People's Republic of Haven
Date Introduced: 1887 PD
Preceded By: Foudre class
Mass: 283 tons
Length: 31 m
Crew: 4
Power: RF/1 Phenix 2 microfusion reactor
Electronics: AG-94 gravitic detection array
AR-95(b) phased radar array
BB-16 ECM jammer
Armament: 1 L/3 light antiship laser
2 TL27 25mm pulse
LM9(a) missile rack

The Ouragan class was one of the most common pinnace classes in service with the People's Navy.

Class DesignEdit

The primary model designation for the class was D.450. The Ouragan-Class pinnance crew positions were; Pilot, Co-Pilot/Gunner and Communications Tech in the cockpit and Flight Engineer's cubicle in the avionics bay. Like all small craft of the People's Navy, the class was designed for longitudinal loading in a ship's boat bay. (JIR2)

Class RoleEdit

Ouragan-class pinnaces replaced the Foudre class as the Navy's standard multi-role transport. (JIR2)

Other Technical Specifications Edit

  • Wingspan (Full Extension): 24.3 m
  • Wingspan (Folded): 20 m
  • Capacity: 130 (22 passengers, 108 marines)
  • Propulsion:
    • Small Craft Impeller Drive
    • ER-7 Reaction Thruster System
    • 2 Dauphine VT-13 Turbofans

Standard assigned number per class Edit

References Edit

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