Oswald Steading was a Grayson steading, or feudal province.

Steadholder Oswald conspired with his fellow Lords of Bancroft and Simonds to murder Protector John Mayhew II and the other Steadholders of Grayson and establish the domination of the Faithful over the whole of Grayson.

Their attempted coup succeeded in murdering the Protector and the Moderate Steadholders, but failed to kill John Mayhew's son and heir, who would become the leader of the surviving Moderates during the civil war that ensued. Following the Civil War and the exile of the Faithful to Masada, Benjamin the Great disestablished the Steading of Oswald and incorporated it into the Protector's personal demesne. (HH4, HH5)

Steadings of Grayson
The original Five Steadings: Bancroft | Burdette | Mackenzie | Mayhew | Yanakov
The later Steadings: Ames | Berylinko | Canseco | Coleman | Denby | Denevski | Elway | Esterhaus | Forchein | Garth | Harrington | Howell | Kelly | Kimbrell | Magruder | Michaelson | Mueller | Oswald | Owens | Prestwick | Redmon | Seneca | Simonds | Strathson | Surtees | Sutherland | Watson

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