The opposition was an informal name given to elements inside the Peoples Republic of Haven who opposed the repressive policies of the Committee of Public Safety while supporting the ideals for which it claimed to stand.

The term was used somewhat ironically as established Parliamentary usage in most Earth descended polities was to refer to the leading Party not in Government as the Loyal Opposition, or just the Opposition (when capitalized, the word always carried this meaning).

Evidence suggested that the Opposition was surprisingly active within State Security, both committed revolutionaries (many of whom were Aprilists, who were quite angry that 'their' revolution had been traduced), and among new recruits who had joined StateSec genuinely believing in the cause of the Revolution, only to be disillusioned by the Committee's policies.[1] (HHA4.5: F)

References Edit

  1. The opposition was more a 'movement' rather than an organization, its members acting, when they could, to moderate or frustrate the activities of the new order. An exception was the Aprilists, whose organization prior to the Pierre coup survived to some extent even under the Committee of Public Safety.

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