Operation Lunch Basket
ConflictFirst Havenite-Manticoran War
Date1913 PD
ResultHavenite defeat

Manticoran Alliance escaped POWs
and non-allied volunteers

Republic of Haven
Hades Planetary Prison personnel (StateSec)


Commodore Harrington

Major Steiner[1]


1500 personnel with support means[2]

  • 52 killed
  • c.a. 50 wounded
  • c.a. 150 killed
  • c.a. 150 wounded
  • dispatch boat destroyed

Operation Lunch Basket was the assault on the Office of State Security's headquarters, Camp Charon, on the planet Hades, performed by Cruiser Squadron 18 personnel and inmates from Camp Inferno led by Commodore Honor Harrington, RMN. (HH8)

Preparations Edit


Order of battle Edit

Commanding Officer - Commodore Honor Harrington

  • Shuttle One - "Big Bad Wolf" - assault transport and fire support for the 300 men assault force, divided into three assault units:
    • Commodore Ramirez's[4] - responsible for seizing the Command Center
    • Captain McKeon's - responsible for capturing or disabling of enemy's support units like the battle armor Morgue and the vehicle park
    • Captain Benson's - responsible for securing the perimeter defences
      • including Lieutenant Dessouix' platoon[5] - charged with seizing Base Ops
shuttle's company: Commodore Honor Harrington - weapons, Senior Chief Horace Harkness, Lieutenant Commander Prescott Tremaine - pilot, Senior Chief Linda Barstow - the tac section, Lieutenant Russell Sanko
  • Shuttle Two - "Cub" - initially charged with interception of the People's Navy's dispatch boat assigned to Hades, later - transport of the support force to Camp Charon.
shuttle's company: Lieutenant Commander Geraldine Metcalf - CO, pilot, Lieutenant Commander Sarah DuChene - Tactical Officer, Master Chief Gianna Ascher and Senior Chief Halburton - the tac section crew and flight engineers

Course of battle Edit

Before unmounting troops, Shuttle One disabled primary and secondary radar, AA launchers, duty pinnacles and Base Ops. Than it supported Commodore Ramirez's group with seizing Charon Control.

Some minor engagements occured after sezing main aims of the operation, when Shuttle Two arrived with support party.[6]

Casualties Edit

Assault force had taken over a hundred casualties - fifty-two of them fatal. Surprised StateSec garrison suffered three times more casualties, five hundred escaped and the rest (800) were captured.

References Edit

  1. Base Ops duty officer.
  2. AA means, 2 duty pinnacles, Morgue, tanks.
  3. There were incarcerated 612 most dangerous inmates in the Camp Inferno, when escapee from PNS Tepes got there. Senior officer there was Commodore Jesus Ramirez, from former San Martin Navy, and second in charge was Captain Harriet Benson, from former Pegasus System Navy. Commodore Ramirez placed himself under Commodore Harrington command and as a result Inferno inmates joined to assault against StateSec planetary headquarters called Camp Charon.
  4. Including Major LaFollet, as urban warfare specialist.
  5. 25 troops
  6. Senior Chief Halburton killed.

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