Operation Dagger was a naval operation of the People's Navy in 1907 PD.

Operational premise Edit

The operation was devised by Vice Admiral Alexander Thurston, designed to take the Yeltsin's Star and Endicott systems following Operation Stalking Horse, an operation to draw RMN forces and attention away from the area.

A total of 36 battleships, 24 battlecruisers, 24 heavy cruisers, 38 light cruisers, 42 destroyers, two troop transports and five freighters were deployed to Task Force 14 for the attack on Yeltsin's Star and Endicott. (HH5)

Conduct Edit

While Operation Stalking Horse was successful in driving the Royal Manticoran Navy out of Candor and Minette, the Havenite force attacking Yeltsin's Star was beaten by Admiral Honor Harrington's Grayson defense force in the Fourth Battle of Yeltsin's Star. (HH5)

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