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The Office of Naval Intelligence was the military intelligence branch of the Solarian League Navy.

It was headed by Admiral Karl-Heinz Thimár in the early 1920s PD. (SI2)

Organization Edit

ONI was divided into four main sections. (HH13)

1. Office of Operational Analysis

Responsible for analyzing operational data, like reports on other navies, in order to identify trends and potential operational problems or shortcomings. Supposed to generate intelligence in response to specific requests
headed by Admiral Hai-shwun Cheng in 1922 PD

2. Office of Technical Analysis

Supposed to provide OpAn with current information on tech developments foreign and domestic to support their analyses.
headed by Vice Admiral Hoover in 1922 PD

3. Office of Economic Analysis

Responsible for tracking economic trends and information of specific interest to the Navy.
headed by Vice Admiral Yountz (until 1922 PD); Captain Caswell Gweon (since 1922 PD)

4. Office of Counter Intelligence

Responsible for counter intelligence and internal security.
headed by Rear Admiral Yau in 1922 PD

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