The Office of Naval Intelligence, or NavInt, was a branch of the Republic of Haven Navy, whose main duties were discovering information about, and the capabilities of other nations, especially anything bearing on the military.

Although it formed part of the Bureau of Planning, due to a Havenite tradition, NavInt reported to the Office of Operational Research, another of Planning's departments. (HH11)

History Edit

In 1900 PD, Admiral Amos Parnell, the People's Republic of Haven's Chief of Naval Operations worked with Naval Intelligence about the upcoming planned coup-de-main in the Basilisk System. (HH1)

During Operation Jericho in 1903 PD, if anything went wrong, Captain Alfredo Yu assumed that NavInt would find him responsible.

Because NavInt had originally an independent non-ideological brief, Oscar Saint-Just and StateSec were continually attempting to absorb its functions within the StateSec empire. The Navy resisted, believing its intelligence needs could not be fully met by a civilian agency. After McQueen's coup failed, Oscar Saint-Just and the Office of State Security absorbed all of NavInt.

From early in her career, NavInt developed an extensive dossier on Captain Honor Harrington of the Royal Manticoran Navy. (HH2)

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