The Office of Internal Security, more commonly known as InSec, was the secret police and espionage service of the People's Republic of Haven under the Legislaturist regime.

History Edit

InSec operated under the authority of the Ministry of Internal Security, and its head was the Secretary of Internal Security of the People's Republic, a position held by Constance Palmer-Levy around 1904 PD. (HH3)

The main mission of InSec was to keep the Mob under close control to prevent rebellions, to suppress any political movement which could threaten the Legislaturists' monopoly of power, and to combat insurrectionists on those planets conquered by the People's Republic. As part of its operations against dissidents, Internal Security established and operated a system of penal colonies in the planet Hades, located at the Cerberus System; in time and due to its brutality and harshness, the planet would be fittingly known to the galaxy at large as "Hell", even though the Havenite government never officially recognized its existence. (HH7, HH8)

In addition to these purely "domestic" missions and concerns, InSec was also involved in foreign operations: it was through InSec that the People's Republic collaborated with a cabal of Manticoran politicians and aristocrats to murder King Roger III. (HHA2.3: QG)

Despite being the most prominent and widespread secret police organization of the Legislaturist regime, InSec was not the only agency devoted to domestic security and political repression. Several other agencies "cooperated" with InSec, such as the Office of Public Information's Mental Hygiene Police (MHP), Naval Intelligence (NavInt) and Naval Security (NavSec), the last two operating through the War Ministry. (HH1, HH3)

After the overthrow of the Legislaturists, the new Committee of Public Safety ordered the amalgamation of InSec, the MHP, NavInt and NavSec into a single all-encompassing Office of State Security, and several InSec officers continued to serve the new regime as members of StateSec. (HH5)

List of InSec Personnel Edit

References Edit

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